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A professional fiddle player, tech guru, co-host of the Conscious Life Podcast, high-level supporter of my badass superstar wife/founder of ToLivingFree.com, Jessica Caver Lindholm, adoring dog father, and

Years ago, Jessica and I were chatting at dinner about some of the values and habits I was raised with (AKA drilled into my head by my incredibly loving parents and grandparents) and it made us realize that not all men utilize these traits in order to treat others with the kindness, graciousness and courtesy that everyone deserves to receive. 

It all started with some silly reminiscing about a boys only manners class my beloved Grandma enrolled me in that I took when I was, oh, somewhere around 9 years old that took place in a random back office of the local Joslin's department store over the course of a few months (which, when you're 9 seems like FOREVER). This class ultimately 'graduated' us by sauntering us down a runway stage put together in the middle of the store on a Sunday afternoon while we escorted a girl that took part in the girls-only counterpart over the corresponding weeks. While the memory of the entire process is still hilarious to me, the honest truth remains that many of the things I learned in that class stuck with me... basically any action that shows that you honor the person that you're with - opening the car door, paying for the tab (guys this doesn't mean trying to buy a girl a drink so you can take her home), holding out your hand to help, giving her your jacket, etc., etc., etc.
Because you're praising her - not belittling her. 

And for the women out there that are reading, this is for you - I also find that it's incredibly important to emphasize the fact that, in this important age of feminine empowerment, the etiquette we lend to you - is not because we're belittling or demeaning, insinuating that you're weak or that you can't manage - it's because we're praising you, we're appreciating you and what you stand for.

Because by focusing on empowering  and celebrating your partner, you naturally establish your own empowerment as a Modern Day Gentleman. 



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