“Duh” would easily be an understatement of the year if I were to say something like, “We all see the world in different terms. Our trials, our successes, our experiences vary drastically from one to another.” 


Because of course we’re all going to be completely different because we’ve all grown up in different circumstances, guided by entirely different influences. I’m currently writing this in Vegas where it feels like the dichotomy of thinking spans from the height of Mt. Everest down to the deepest ocean depths. 

The thing is, regardless of how different we are (and how we may say we accept the opinions of those around us), there’s a strong reluctance to acknowledge the diversity in upbringing we’ve all experienced.  

Political beliefs, world views, etc. notwithstanding, in the space we exist in at this moment, there is an incredibly large population of the world that ultimately has the opportunity to immediately share their thoughts with damn-near everyone. And those thoughts can immediately be met with criticism, judgment and ire. Often times from some of our closest peers…. or worse, family. 

The people you may look to the most for support. And one simple post that doesn’t align with who they are – or want/expect you to be – and their comment can feel like a dagger through the heart. 

Social media can be a bitter pill of a ‘social’ interaction. We rely too much on likes, comments, shares. It’s all just a vehicle to make us feel good about ourselves. And when it doesn’t, it can absolutely wreck us. 

Don’t get me wrong, its means of being able to share a message and utilize its incredible features to create a business we used to only fantasize about by simply sharing our powerful voices is incredible and I don’t take any of that for granted. 

But what happens when we rely on too much of the vindication after we post. Checking back to see the reactions and comments. Letting our happiness rely solely on instant reactions. 

Not healthy. 

I’m still figuring out the balance myself. My content is intended to inspire, spark love and at times, create discussion. Which means I can’t fear checking comments. 

But it’s the being ok if something’s said that may trigger me for a moment and releasing any anger. Both for the comment and for me, making sure it didn’t stop me from keeping on with this journey. Because I have shit to say, and I know it needs to be heard. 

So don’t let the few that don’t get the journey (yet…. they’ll come around if you keep the faith) deter you from doing your real work. You just have to keep on it. 

We got this

Keep the Faith…