IT'S TIME TO generate a HIGHER LEVEL OF SELF-AWARENESS AND become more mindful AROUND HOW WE live and breathe

My goal is to instill a better practice of positive intentions and conscious action in order to create awareness and use that to improve how we treat ourselves and how we interact with others. By living a conscious life, I believe we can share more joy, spread more love and increase our overall happiness in the way we live. 
Life is a gift and is meant to be experienced and cherished. Find ways to enjoy it and make it an intention to help others do the same.


There are all kinds of books and sites out there that are focused towards men and how they should dress, act, eat, sleep, sit, stay, rollover, etc., etc.,

Seriously... type 'gentleman' into the search bar of Amazon's book section and peruse at what comes up (Just kidding. Please don't do that. I don't want you dozing off on me - we have better work to do). It's all the same and it's sooooo boring.

Or, even worse - open up a GQ or other men's magazine and you'll likely get to soak up the top tips on how to get away with checking out another girl so your significant other doesn't notice or other sleazy BS tactics to be "a real man." 

I call Bullshit.

It's marketing like this that has contributed to the complete disregard for decency and courtesy by the majority of young men of this society and the reason that female empowerment has taken over the national conversation which has caused overreactive, panicked boys talking about how scary it is to be a man in this age (spoiler alert: it's not. we've done this to ourselves.... well, several high-profile bad eggs have contributed to this increase in attention).

My point is - men, we can change this narrative. But we have to band together, spread more love, generosity and optimism in order to drown out the actions and influence of the fake, the trashy and the overall sleazeballs that have dragged what it means to be a real man through the dirt.

And a lot of this starts from within. We have to be loving to ourselves, appreciate who we are in this moment but strive to improve and be confident in the man that exists inside. If we're not, then we can't provide a voice that can be supportive of our strong women, and the powerful influences in our lives.

That's where I come in. I'm here to help empower and increase the internal knowledge and focus that can raise our overall sense of happiness, confidence and quality of life that can manifest into a positive influence to all those around us. All without making you feel like you had to attend a coaching bootcamp with someone screaming expletives in your face.

I'm sparking a Modern day revolution - care to join me?

What Is the Modern Day Gentleman?