A word that has a tendency to bear with it all sorts of woo-woo biases. It’s an idea – or a way of life in some communities – that either carries a backing of extremely loyal followers or a vast crowd of skeptics. 

I, for one, easily fall into the former. Since being introduced many years ago to the Daily Notes From the Universe (Mike Dooley at tut.com), I’ve attracted a whole-hearted belief that there’s some kind of higher power that contributes to our inner thoughts becoming things, positivity is power and that everything is always working out for me.

You may call It God, something entirely different or just plainly think I’m totally full of shit. But I have a general happy-go-lucky demeanor where I just tend to live life in a space where I know I get to float through this existence with an amount of trust that, truly, everything is always working out for me.

I also know I can sway from that on occasion. 

Sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like the Universe has my back (total BS, by the way… it’s always got our backs). 

I can often find that the positive thoughts in my head are being forced. That I’m just saying them to myself to go through the motions. Practicing a farcical reality that’s not really serving me. 

And then those thoughts start sending me into a tailspin of negativity and emotions that make me think that all things are broken beyond repair. It’s a tough space to be in. 

It’s even tougher to snap back out of it. But I do. Because there’s no other option. 

And I have the choice to do so. It’s a decision I get to make. It’s a decision we all get to make.

Some moments may be tougher than others. But as a general practice, it’s taking a moment to remember that the Universe is always looking out for us. We are always taken care of. 

And believing that. Because it’s true.

The Universe has your back. And so do I.