I get asked a lot about what it’s like to work fulltime with Jess. And quite often, the question comes from men that have juuust a little bit of that wink-wink-nudge-nudge smirk combined with a hint of, ‘so what’s it really like to spend ALL your time with the ole ball-and-chain?’-type sarcasm seeping in their voice. It’s as if they’re trying to bait me into connecting with them based around complaining and bitching.

Clearly they don’t know me…. Complaining isn’t really my bag. 

For 5-plus years now, I’ve gotten to work alongside my best friend – why would anyone want to gripe about that?

That’s not to say that we don’t butt heads every now and then. Sometimes that’s just going to be a natural side effect for two people with differing perspectives.

It’s something we discuss a lot. I’ve always been more of a grounded, stay-at-home body (weekend-after-weekend band trips notwithstanding…. hehe) that prefers to keep a focused intention around one or two things – the things we’re working on for the day. She tends to be the complete opposite – new ideas consistently come to her each day, or even several times daily, that may feel to me in the moment like they’re totally derailing my concentration (even though, they’re always with the greater good in mind and typically for the better). 

But honestly, that’s why our chemistry – in relationship and in business – work so powerfully together. I may reel us in at times to ensure we remain focused on where we want to get to, her constant ideas always bring us to a space of expansion and creativity.

And only recently did we really decide to dive head on into the business together. 

For several years, I’ve been completely content sitting behind the scenes, just fine with good enough. 

Just fine with good enough. Ugh. How freaking lame does that sound? 

But it was true. Until recently, when I finally decided that just fine was just stupid! So we sat down one evening and took a hard, intimate look into what my role was and where it’s primed to now far-past ready to advance towards.

For some reason, I always thought the coaching and sales aspect of what ToLivingFree.com was built around – and where I wanted to take ModernDayGentleman.com – scared the hell out of me and it just wasn’t who I am.

I’ve spoken a lot in this space around if you’re not taking chances, if you’re not doing things that scare you – even just a little bit out of your comfort zone – then you’re not really growing. So in many ways, I started to think that I wasn’t totally practicing what I was preaching. So that evening, it was time to call bullshit on those fears and reluctances that I carried around.

We actually determined (through really, no surprise to either of us), that the grounded energy I carry into the daily aspects of our business is something that many of the clients in Jess’ programs don’t have the benefit of experiencing regularly like she does.

Why not incorporate that added powerful feature into the things that we offer? 

I’m tired of hiding in the background. I’m over the just fine with good enough.

So WE’VE now launched a brand new program – called the Soul Led CEO – with more me and less me sneaking around behind the scenes. It includes all of the amazing course material that Jess has already created (over 20 courses!) and includes an incredibly supportive FB community with direct access to both of us plus 1:1 sessions with me for tech (seriously… I’ve worked through so many systems at this point that I know just about all of the ins and outs of what’s necessary), mindset or anything else you need support in. Needless to say, I’m pretty effing stoked about all of this. 

You can find out about everything this Soul Led CEO program includes by clicking here >>
It’ll message Jess’ FB page…. But I’ll be the one answering any questions!

And yeah, if we hadn’t been doing this together for the last several years, we would have never come to this realization that our energies both click so powerfully together so that we can combine our very best into one amazing program!

So click here to message us for details and I’m so pumped to get to share this space with you!

Stepping Off the Sidelines… (want some 1:1 time?)