In Episode 4, we dive into something that we’ve ALL had to navigate before…  

What To Do When Lacking Inspiration!  

It happens, you wake up, check your phone, get sucked into work and putting out fires and before you know it…

HOURS of your time have gone missing. You haven’t done anything that’s actually important to you, start feeling depleted, frustrated and your inspiration is nowhere to be found.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

This week the two of us explore ways to break the habit of being busy and set yourself up to feel inspired all the time, yes seriously.

It starts by getting honest with yourself about where you need a pattern interrupt and what you actually need to be doing, having and experiencing NOW to feel fulfilled, energized and on point.

This episode is GOLD and if you’re not feeling as on point, aligned or inspired as you’d like, I highly recommend listening to it now.

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Ep. 4: What To Do When Lacking Inspiration!