The majority of people live in a reactive state, just putting out the fires that are right in front of them, feeling like the victim of their life.

But, the truth of the matter is that life is ALWAYS happening for us and not to us.

But, when you’re in a reactive state it doesn’t feel this way at all and it’s impossible to feel free.  

On today’s episode we dive into what it really means to be responsible and how totally shifting your perception of responsibility will immediately end feeling like the victim and finally set you free.

This episode is SO powerful and shares a practice that has brought new levels of freedom to our lives and we know it will do the same for you.


You’re going to have some serious shifts and breakthroughs on this episode as we reframe responsibility and you shift yourself out of reactivity and finally set yourself free!

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Ep. 3: Stop Being Reactive to Tap Into Real Freedom!