As I’ve started to post more, be more interactive and be more visible with the Modern Day Gentleman, I’ve been getting a lot of questions – especially from some of my closest peers – about what my true intention of starting this venture is.

If you’re new to my community – and you are, because I’ve really only just begun 😉 – you’ve probably started to see my posts about the etiquette that I feel has been missing in the Modern Man and bringing back some of the values that I feel are really important to humanity.

But it’s not just that…. It’s not just about bringing back things we’ve lost.

It’s about shifting our thinking about how we progress going forward. It’s about how we continue to grow and bring an awareness to where our society is headed.

And as a man, I think it’s imperative to shift our conscious thinking about how we react and respond to shifting times.

Yesterday, I picked up a USA Today newspaper in the gym and there was a headline in the Arts section that read, “(Charlize) Theron: Strong Women Still Deserving of Love.” And immediately, I connected with that quote. I went on to read the article and though its main focus was really on her new romantic comedy with Seth Rogen releasing this weekend, it discusses the strong diplomatic character she plays alongside the (shocking, I know) goofy, laid back journalist role Seth takes on and how the two connect.

But the point of the quote resonated because it represents a necessity that men are now having to adapt to… strong female personalities are becoming much more the norm and less the anomaly. CEO’s, business owners, engineers, tech (it was recently reported by several news outlets that girls are outscoring boys in engineering and tech skills) – these jobs are increasingly going to women, and it’s most assuredly going to continue that way. We better get used to it.

Which means, Men – we have a choice. There are several ways we can respond to this. I know for an absolute fact, because I married a strong, independent,

passionate and driven (read: badass) woman. And I had my own choice when we first started dating….

I could have folded like a featherweight in the ring with Mike Tyson in his prime.

I could have fought, using spineless and harmful tactics only intended to bring her down, coming only from fear in my own masculinity.

Or I could stand tall, own the inner confidence in myself by knowing that supporting her, empowering her, encouraging her strong and passionate personality, will actually empower and enable both of us to thrive together as one.

Which one do you figure I took?

Guys – it’s fucking possible.

We don’t have to feel threatened, retaliate, be hurtful, any of this BS.

If we’re supportive and loving – but strong and confident in who we know we are, it doesn’t have to be a fight. It’s all about thriving as a pair – as a team. And that means everyone wins.

So yes, the Modern Day Gentleman is about bringing back some values of the past that we’ve been missing. But some of that thinking is also outdated and trite.

It’s also about adapting for the future, being a Man in the modern day. Our Strong Women are expecting it of us. So we damn well better show up.

With Love…

So… what is the Modern Day Gentleman anyway?