I just spent 3 amazingly playful days in Disney World and Universal Studios. Me, Jess and about 10 billion other people.

We loved every moment.

But I also noticed that we were generally the outliers. Exhausted dads pushing strollers, screaming moms and oh…. so… many… electric scooters.

If I didn’t know any better, The Happiest Place on Earth was a little more like a vacuum of the highest density of negative energy.

And if I wasn’t careful… if I didn’t become highly aware of everyone else’s BS that was floating around me, I could have easily found myself trapped in that dense fog of stress, anger and frustration.

To the point that I literally caught myself almost snapping at Jess in a moment for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I realized it was everyone else’s energy and anxiety that was trying to suck itself to me, trying to break me of who I actually am. Energy vampires trying to suck my happiness and playfulness away.

We both have become really great at putting a protective bubble around ourselves. We no longer let the reactionary attitudes of those around us affect how we interact with each other or with those around us. It’s almost like we view the world around us as if it’s behind a TV screen. Sit back and enjoy the show.

By doing so, we enable and empower our ability to respond – or our responsibility – instead of reacting to the actions of others around us.

And this means we are in complete control of our conscious action and decision-making, especially when we’re surrounded by others in such of state of anxiety.

It’s how we’ve learned how to continue to truly see one another, instead of live only in a reactive state, a fight-or-flight mentality.

There’s no point in being playful with the ones you care most deeply about if you can’t be the best version of you.

By utilizing the ability to respond instead of living in a reactionary state… that’s how you maintain that best possible version of you that exists.

Ignore the BS and just be the best version of you.