Be honest with yourself – how often are you putting off the work and telling yourself you don’t really need to do any of ‘that’ to get the results?

But, the secret is that the results are just a side effect, icing on the cake, a bonus to doing the work.

The work is what you, your soul, is really craving!

Whether it’s your daily work routine, working out, or otherwise, doesn’t most of the joy come from that sense of accomplishment and personal pride after it’s finished?

Sure, we may think we aren’t enjoying that work when we’re in the midst of doing it but when we’re done, that feeling is pretty great. That’s where the reward really exists – the actual doing of the soul work!

>> The Work IS the Reward – Stop Avoiding It!      

During this episode, we dive into why it’s so important to realize that the journey in doing the work is so often the real reward – often more than even the result! What?!

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Ep. 8: The Work IS The Reward – Stop Avoiding It